Happy Autumn!

Fall is here! With Autumn comes many of my favorite things, mums starting to bloom, leaves changing colors and falling, pumpkin pie in the oven, horses coats begin to thicken up, a new wardrobe (well new for the season), warm little pj's for my girls and one of my all time favorites MOPs! Its something I look forward to so much! MOPs provides me with an hour and half twice a month where my kiddos are safe, playing with friends, in a well managed environment while I get to drink the best coffee under the sun, eat yummy snacks, and have encouragement and connections with Moms just like me. Did I say its one of my favorites?!
So when each session of Mops begins in the fall we all get to look forward to the creative activities. Here are a few that our positioned around my house right now! Its fun to see these precious pretty things that I have made ever so carefully placed in my home in a fun reminder that I am a mom and I do need to enjoy this season of my life. I hope that in years to come when my kids are no longer in that Mops stage I can look back and appreciate this chapter in my life. In Ecclesiastes 3:1 it says "There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven" I'm so enjoying this season in my life!

Isn't this frame gorgeous! And to think I made it. It looks like something that would be bought at a fancy boutique. We simply spray painted our frame of choice, hot glued the glass marbles around the edge, and glued on the embellishment.
This project was so fun! It was made a couple seasons ago but I love it. A simple wreath, decorated to your choice. Its so fun to see how creative each mom is.
A very practical craft, this bulletin board gets a lot of use in my home. You can buy these pre-cut pieces of cork at most local hardware stores. Then we simply decorated with a bit of ribbon.

To this "season" in my life I'm so thankful!

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