Transition for Lily

Our oldest daughter has now become a "school er". She now rides the bus, sits with new friends, brings home really neat pictures and school papers. Has recess, a routine, school lunch.. All of these very fun yet very new things for our house.

And our middle daughter is having a hard transition (as am I!!). Lily was born with a play mate! Shes never had to play alone, color alone, ride her bike alone. Shes always had Mandy by her side. And as the mommy I've Loved and relied on that bond between the girls. Now I'm finding that Lily is lonely! Her little sister just doest cut it with her baby toys and two naps a day.

This is what happened when Lily had some alone time this week to color.... Lets just say Markers are at bay right now, ha.
Lily upset that Mommy wanted to take her picture....
Lily covering her face so mommy cant see what shes done....
Lily's leg art....
What a transition this has been and we're only two weeks in!

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