12 Days of handmade Christmas gifts: DAY 11

Pre-teens are so hard to predict. So I've been thinking what can I make for those girls on my list that are around age 11? So here's what I came up with.
Start with a piece of felt... What can't you do with felt? I traced my hands and then cut them out. I then sewed my hands to the felt leaving the bottoms free. Almost like two little pockets, my thinking is to stash a few polishes in there or small files.
I then stitched the word "Polish" on the felt. Colors are a bit off in the pict.
I then chose another piece of felt and sewed a long piece of ribbon to it. I would recommend finding the middle point and sewing 3 inches to the felt allowing the remainder of the ribbon to be lose.
Then attached your two pieces of felt together. I used a zig-zag stitch. As you see this is a perfect place to paint your finger nails, store your favorite polish and avoid a mess.
And when your done your able to roll up your polish pad and put it away for safe keeping. Cute right :)

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