A bit of something for my door

It's that time of year where it isn't really spring yet but not really winter either. I was feeling that my front door was a bit naked so I decided to whip something up. Here is the end result...My inspiration is this pretty little candle wrap. I love the way it hugs my candles and dresses them up a bit.
The design is simple, wire and beads.
The bow that I used was actually one of my great grandmothers handkerchiefs. It has been tucked away in a box for so long. I fixed it to the wreath with a bit of wire in case I want to take it off.
There you have it! A simple little pick me up for my front door.


Jules Thoughts said...

Love it, never would have thought it was a scarf! That is awesome! :)

Tammie said...

I was thinking the same thing......a scarf! Very clever and very cute.


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