5 Tips to Improve the Speed of Your Computer!

Is your computer running slow? Nothing worse in my opinion than trying to get some work done and my computer is lagging. Here are a few tips to help improve the speed of your computer.

  1. Use an antivirus program on your computer to ensure you do not have a virus. There are free ones out there like http://www.avgfree.com/ that work well.

  2. Delete un-needed photos and videos off of your computer that take up a large amount of space. I upload my photos on to sites like http://www.snapfish.com/ or http://www.shutterfly.com/ to ensure I have access to them but keep my computer clear.

  3. Defrag your computer. You can do this by finding the Help and Support button on your computer and typing in the word "Defrag". It should supply you with a how-to.

  4. Clear your browsing history. You'll do this by finding the Delete Browsing History button. Mine is found in the top right corner of my page under the Safety tab. I would recommend deleting your browsing history and cookies often.

  5. Keep your updates updated! Simple enough right, it will improve your computers over all health and keep in functioning properly.

Hope that helps to keep your computer running properly!

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Brac and Zoe's Mama said...

Hey you visited and following and now I'm doing the same. Looking forward to getting to know you. Thanks for the computer tips.



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