If You want Milk don't wait for the Cow to back up to You!

We all have milk in our refrigerators, right? Well in order to get that milk you didn't sit around and wait for that cow to find her way to you in order to fill a jug. Think about that!

Be Proactive! In the same way you we're proactive to get your milk (or the dairy farmer was). You must take steps forward to reach your goals. Goals for your family and your business.

Do not expect to reach greatness if you do not do the work that is entitled to see that dream become a reality. You must be consistent, goal oriented, dedicated and willing to keep yourself held accountable. Think backwards - If you have a goal to earn a $500.00 pay-check before the end of the month you will need to know what it takes to earn that $500.00 pay-check. How many hours will you need to work or dedicate to your business, what activities will you need to do during those hours to make your goal a reality?

So don't sit there and dream about tomorrow unless your willing to make your dreams a reality!

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