Follow Me Back Tuesday and a Sigh of Relief!

Happy Tuesday :)

Thanks for hopping over to my Blog today! I'm so glad that you did, feel free to stay a bit.

Last week was such a scary week for us. Our Now 4 year old sprayed some air freshener into her her little sisters face. I immediately gave her a bath and washed her face and she seemed fine. Long story short we called poison control (they we're awesome) and they said I needed to flush her eyes for 10 min. With all of the water and rubbing of her eyes that she did she irritated them. We went to the eye Dr. and THANKFULLY we use Green products in our home, so there was not a chemical reaction and the clarity of her eyes is fine. This is a picture of her after we saw the eye Dr. He had us put some eye gel on her eyes (it's the same stuff that new born babies get when born). She did amazingly well and is back to her happy, healthy self again! It reminded me how precious my little girls are and so blessed that there healthy.

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MTGrace said...

Thank goodness for Melaleuca! :)


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