Let's Be BOLD

Are you Bold? When was the last time someone was Amazed by Your Boldness? On a scale from 1-10 where would you rank yourself on being Bold?

Not Bold Very Bold

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

It's often hard to characterize ourselves as being Bold. When you look up the word Boldness in the dictionary it says: outspokenness, assurance, courage, confidence; to act without fear.

Today I read Acts 4:8. It's amazing how my Bible was marked there as I opened it. In Acts 4:8 it describes a time of true BOLDNESS from Peter. It amazes me how the Holy Spirit filled him and allowed him to be Bold. I want that kind of boldness! I want to be Bold in my Faith, for my husband and children, in my business and to serve others.

I started my business in 2007, and I must say I was NOT a very bold person at that time, really in any area of my life. I was a mommy to one at that time, felt shy and timid and really didn't know where I was headed. Through the past 5 years I've really amazed myself at what I've learned. On my Boldness scale I would say I'm now sitting around a 5 with lots of room to grow and become even more Bold. And through my Boldness I hope to help others, serve them, enable them, enrich them.

Here are 4 steps to help you to Become Bold:

  1. Time: Spend Time becoming Knowledgeable and researching.

  2. Faith: As you spend Time becoming Knowledgeable you will gain Faith.

  3. Boldness: Your faith will lead you to Boldness.

  4. Results: And through your Boldness you will gain Results!

But you can't stop there once you have those Results. You must continue the circle of spending Time, gaining Faith that leads to Boldness and producing Results.

Let's all go out and be BOLD in what we Believe in.

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