O Camera, O Camera...

Let me start by saying I'm not a professional photographer but I do take a lot of photos. Photos ranging from my kids to cows to crafts I'm working on. The list goes on and on. Right now I have a Canon Power Shot SX10. It's a great little camera for simple little things and really it does what I want for the most part. Here's what I'm frustrated with, If it's cold, wind blowing, snowing or any type of environment that isn't perfect, my camera will not work. O and the other down side is when I zoom the pictures really are not clear, ugh!
Here is a picture of our daughter Mandy I took last week playing in the snow. It's pretty clear, but I was standing right next to her and I didn't zoom at all.

Here is a picture I took of our cows last Saturday when it was snowing. (I took the picture from the pickup window, window was down, lol). After I took a few photos outside in both of these instances my camera beeps and has a lens error and shuts off!

So my New challenge is to find a camera that will work well for outdoor use. My Canon does great inside but I really would like something that would do what I want outdoors. Any suggestions???


Jules Thoughts said...

Let me know, I am always interested in a upgrade as well.

Wheeler Family said...

For my small camera, I have a Canon Powershot SX200, and I love it. It takes great outdoor shots.


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