Family Planner

I've just started my journey with a Family Planner to become more organized!! Organization is not one of my strong suits but I can see how it can save time and energy. 1 Corinthians 14:40 But all things should be done decently and in order.
This page is in the front of my binder. It has everything I need for a daily task sheet. And I've used those plastic insert pages. Here's why I choose to use them:
1. Keeps the pages safe and neat.
2. I can use my dry erase pin to write on the outside of the page and save paper :)

My binder includes tabs for all of our family tasks:

1. Family

2. Business

3. Meals

4. Cows

5. Mops

6. Financial

The above page is such a time saver for me! Each year when we start calving I have my own personal list of cows who have calved along with the birth weight, weaning weight and yearling weight. Honestly by using this one page it's really shown me the power of organization.

And this page is a list of all of my To Do's that need done that I don't have on my daily list. I've added some other pages for financial use, Bible verses and other topics that obtain to our family. Here are the links to the printables I've used:

Do you have a Family Planner? If so I would love for you to share your link in the comments section!

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