The Most Important Factor for Your Webpage = TRAFFIC and how to get it!

My guest blogger today is my Awesome sister and mommy to these two cuties!  

If you have a new blog or business you might be wondering how to get one of the most important factors to make your page successful- TRAFFIC! Traffic is going to be all the people that stop by and visit your page. You want new visitors, targeted visitors, and visitors that will always come back! Here's a few interesting tips to get high traffic to your page:
1. Use Social Media
Think about the millions of people using social media in today's world! By simply sharing your page, there is a possibility of all of those people seeing it, so use every site to promote your page and use it as free advertising. Popular sites include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+. The thing I love about Pinterest is that it's SO popular, and it's very simple to upload a picture and post from your blog or page. But make sure you always have your link in that picture so readers are always directed back to your page! A tip for getting more viewers from Twitter is to use hash tags (#), which will let more Twitter users see your tweet even if they aren't following you, which in turn could direct them back to your page.
2. Link, Link, Link!
ALWAYS leave the link back to your page on things you are posting. Whether it be pictures, posts, pins, emails, tweets, everything! The more you make your link visible, the higher possibility of getting more traffic to your page. Whenever you have a new post or picture on your page, make sure to share it with social media sites along with your link, so they will be easily able to get to your page with one simple click.
3. Interact With Others
Another way to get your name out there and receive traffic from it is to always interact with other people on their pages. Leave nice comments, 'like' their posts, retweet their tweets. You can even just stop by their page and simply say "Hi!", and then all of their viewers will be curious as to who you are. It's just another way to let your name be seen, which equals traffic to your blog. Another good idea is to be a guest blogger on someone else's blog.
It's a great way to let new readers learn who you are and what your style of writing is.
4. Be Consistent
Timing and consistency is a very important aspect in getting traffic and keeping that traffic returning to your blog. The general number of posts is one or two postings each week. If you do 20 posts in one week, your readers might become overwhelmed. But in the same sense, if you only do one post a month, your readers might forget about you. Keep them wanting more! The same goes for social media activity, keep it consistent or you might become more of an annoyance (or a ghost!) to your readers. Along with being consistent you want to make sure you have new catchy information that will entertain your readers and keep them coming back to see what you will have next time.
Good luck on getting your traffic! :)
Jessie is a full time stay at home mom of two beautiful daughters Charlie (2) and Erin (4 months) and believes it is so important for her to be at home with her children while they are growing up. Although it may mean less income, the values and morals being taught to our girls are more important.
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Thanks again Jess for sharing your tips with us!
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