Prepare Your Car for the Cold Weather

 Our local T.V. channel has been showing some commercials on making sure your prepared for the cold weather that is on it's way. So I took a look in our car. Being married to a mechanic is nice in the sense that we are pretty prepared in the mechanics side. Some things that you should make sure to have are...  
Tools, I have a slew of different ones in my little red tool box.
 Non-Perishable Snacks
 Water in a Cooler It is said, that if your water is in the cooler in your car it will not freeze.
 Extra Blankets
 Jumper Cables The cold weather can cause a draw on your battery, so have a pair in-case you need to be jumped.
 Flash Light - with batteries that work.
Extra Gloves As I was looking in the car I was blown away with how prepared we are in the extra gloves category. 
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