Halloween 2013

 Such a fun thing about having 4 kids...
 Dressing them up as the characters from Wizard of Oz!

Our kids school is so amazing! Providing so much fun for the kiddos. 
And I have to say my girls have done the best job picking their friends.
 It helps to have cousins that are the same age too. I love that Lilian and Kalli are in the same class.
Here's a fun picture of us trick-or-treating. We had tons of fun! 

If you know Julie you know what I'm saying. Julie is the best - no other way to put it. I honestly don't know what I would do without her. The kids all love her, shes such an encourager, friend, helper. In the month of being Thankful, this is one person that I'm super Thankful for!

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Jules Thoughts said...

Oh thank you so much you are too sweet. How could I not love all these cute kids, including you! I am so glad that we live close and we can spend time together. Love you all and thank you.

Ileana @ Illy Who said...

I love their costumes!! We went for that same theme in my house this year. Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies, as a child I broke the VHS watching it so much :)

Lena said...

Hey new friend, just added your button on my blog!

Sabrina said...

We love you Julie!!!! Ileana I love Wizard of Oz too!!!!! I remember dressing up as Glinda as a kid - so fun. Thanks Lena for stopping by and grabbing a button ;) Look forward to connecting with you.


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