It's fun to create!

 I made these candle holders out of an old post and some barn wood. I had intended to make them as a Christmas gift since it's less than 2 months away, but now I'm thinking I might keep them :)
They are super simple with a touch of rustic. 

 There sitting on a new entry table I built out of wood from a fence line that was torn out this fall and right below my fancy coat rack I made a few months back.
Old things really have so much character.

 Our back entry way has such limited space and shoes are typically all over. This entry table is just 2 feet long and a foot wide but I hope that it helps to keep things off of the floor.
 And a cute little basket to hold gloves and hats as it's getting colder outside.
Those little boots are just the cutest... Make me think of my little cowgirl that wears them.
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Amy said...

Stopping by from the link up! New follower! You are so creative! :) I love all the rustic diy's you did! It looks great!

Hannah Terpstra said...

Those are so cute!! haha I always make things for "gifts" and end up keeping them! :) Thanks so much for linking up to the Mom-Lovin Hop today, hope you join us again!

Sabrina said...

Thanks for the comments girls! Amy I kinda like them too :) It's a bit different from some of the other spots in my house. Hannah I seriously had intended to give them to my mom but now I don't think I will, haha.


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