How to Pick Perfect Fall Photo Outfits

Fall is HERE! Yay! I love Fall. It's also the time of year when families are looking to get their Family Photos taken. This excites me but also makes me a bit nervous because I am such an indecisive person and have an awful time picking out family photos. We also are a family of 6 so finding matching outfits can be a challenge. So I've been doing some Pinterest searching (ALL OF THE IMAGES FROM BELOW COME FROM PINTEREST) and here's what I found:

1. All of the Outfits don't have to Match.  I mean really that's so 90's, haha. I remember this photo my mom and I had taken with our matching pink pants and western blue/turquoise/pink shirts. I for sure don't want that hanging on my wall.
 2. Lots of Textures. I keep seeing these super cute families and the thing I like is the eye is entertained. Scarves, hats, headbands, layers of clothing, jewelry all work.
 3. Feel Natural. This family totally looks like their out on a stroll (with a professional photographer) on a Sunday afternoon. They look so natural and comfortable. That's a good reminder to me because part of me wonders if we need to pull out the Christmas dresses, But really this look feels so much better.
4. Pick a pop of color in different shades. I like that this family has some purple in their and it all jives together without being too busy. Those simple feathers of color make it all fold together.
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~I love reading Your Comments so give me some suggestions as we're still looking for the perfect family outfits!~ 

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