{Table Reveal}

 I've had this project on my to do list for a few years and I can finally cross it off!
 This table was my great grandmothers. I remember it always being at the bottom of the stairs of her house.  It would open and big enough for a leaf but we couldn't find any leaves for it. With a family of 6 we needed some more room. So I sat out to make it bigger.
 I cut a board to fit the length I needed.
 Drilled holes in the board so it would fit into the nubby thing that was already existent on the table.

 Here's what it looked like after I fit the leaf in. I then sanded and sanded and sanded some more.
After the sanding was done I stained the entire table and new leaf to match. Once that was done I put on three layers of Polyurethane to help protect the table. A few of the old markings I couldn't get out with sanding. But I think it adds character and we all know how I love the look of old things!
 And here it is! I love how it looks, we now have more room for everyone to sit comfortably as well.
 As you could tell from the above photos we had mismatched chairs. So I built the benches, that will be in a later post.
 It's so fun to have items that we're from my family members homes in ours!
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