Home-Made Benches

 After I finished my table and new leaf, I needed to have matching seating. So it got me thinking...
I dug through our garage and found this 10 foot long 2x12. Cut it in half. Found some old 2x4s and measured them the same length as a chair leg would be. I then added some support. 

I had the cutest little helper with me too... Do you see Owen in his pack and play? This project really was pretty simple and took maybe half an hour.
I wanted the color to match that of an old chair that I have (on the right). It's black but very warn. I used a coat of Ebony stain first, then I put on a coat of black paint very lightly. Once that was dry I sanded it lightly to give that used look.
 And here they are in our kitchen. Perfect fit! There easy for the girls and they no longer fight over who is sitting in what chair. That's a huge victory in itself.
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