Be Brave

Our MOPS theme for 2014 is to Be You Bravely... and that has gotten me to thinking as we've been planning for this incredible year to come.

Not only thinking about our group and the theme but personally. How am I brave?

I do have to say that becoming a parent has given me strength to be so much braver than I was pre-baby. But I want to instill in my kids that it's ok to be brave even when they are fearful.

Here are a few ways that I AM BRAVE:

1. I BRAVELY run through our sprinkler and run at a little yellow slip in slide to prove to my kids that I CAN do it and so can they.

2. I BRAVELY pray out loud so my kids can hear me speaking to my Father in times of praise and weakness.

3. I BRAVELY encourage others to empower themselves through adventures they never thought possible, something as simple as making a needed phone call to starting their own business.

4. I BRAVELY jump on a horse and let it run as fast as it can. (partly out of braveness and partly out of the love of it).

5. I BRAVELY help sort bulls off from the cows this time of year even though they scare me just a little bit.

6. I BRAVELY befriend someone new, although I'm afraid of rejection.

7. I BRAVELY try new recipes even after failing at a few.

8. I BRAVELY use power tools with a few imperfections.

9. I BRAVELY am an advocate for those around me who I know need me to be strong even when I feel so very small.

10. I BRAVELY love  my children with all of my being with a fierceness that I never knew existed until motherhood.

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