DIY Love Never Fails Sign

I saw this super cute sign online but the price tag was awful! So I decided to DIY my own. It's really pretty simple. 
 I started with three 6x1 by 17 inch long barn wood. I used my kreg and fastened all three pieces of wood together to make a square.
 Once the square was made I painted it with some aqua paint.
 After the paint was dried I sanded it to give the rustic feel.
 I then got creative and did a little free hand painting.

 Once the Love was dry I added the heart and "never fails" in black paint. 
Then attach a wall bracket to the back for hanging.
 My sign is now complete minus the $75.00 price tag that was on it.

Turning Dreams into Reality

In 1999 Donna had a decision to make; she was pregnant with her second child, and she wanted to be at home with her children.

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