5 Reasons to have a Savings Account

The incredible feeling of a savings account, with real money in it that is available when you need it is PRICELESS!
28% of Americans don't have an Emergency Savings account. That leaves you relying on credit cards and high interest loans. 
If you Don't have a Savings Account, it's time to start one! Even if it's just $25.00s each month that you can deposit into that account, do it! That adds up and you'll have an additional $300.00s by the end of the year. 
5 Reasons To Have a Savings Account
  1. It lowers your stress level.
  2. Your not sidelined by unforeseen repairs.
  3. It gives you some independence. 
  4. It's a way to stay out of Credit Card Debt.
  5. Your allowing yourself to dream of a retirement, and one you enjoy!
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