Tuesday's Tip: Gratitude

Welcome to MARCH!
I'm so excited for the new month and inching closer to Spring! 
As your preparing for a new month and building your business I want you to think of this tip... Showing Gratitude to your Customers, Business partners, friends and family. 

Take a quick watch of this John C Maxwell video on Gratitude...

Isn't that awesome? 

Showing Gratitude to your Team

1. Write a Note {And Mail it}. There is such power in getting an handwritten card from someone who took the time to make the extra step in snail mailing something to you. This could be a "Thank You" card or words of encouragement.
2. Call. Call someone on your team or a customer and learn about whats happening in their life. Show that you care and be genuine. 
3. Give a Public Gift. What I'm talking about here is a public post sharing how grateful you are for their purchase or that person joining your team. 
4. Practical Gift of Knowledge. Give them a book that will help them to better use your products. If you represent a Essential Oils company give them a resource on how to use oils. If you represent a part of the Food industry give them one of your favorite cook books.
5. Celebrate your Customers Birthday. If you know their birth date, send a card or some sort expression that your glad that it's their day and want to bless them with a small token. 
6. Spend Time with Them. Ask your customer/team mate out for coffee or enjoy their fellowship. Build that friendship! 
7. Support their Cause. If you have a customer that is passionate about children's safety, give a donation as they are planning a walk or fundraiser. 
8. Send Cards on Unique Holidays. It's fun to be thought of and have something to brighten the day. Celebrate your customers anniversary with your company.
9.  Create a "club". If your local to one another have a Friday afternoon coffee club to celebrate the weeks success. 
10. Celebrate a major milestone in their family. A new birth, new home, weight loss.

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