Mothers Day... Why I'm not a fan

I hate I'm not a huge fan of Mothers Day! 
There's so much hype about "Mother's Day",  fancy gifts that should be given and perfectly dressed moms with matching kids on all of the commercials and ads I see.

It makes me feel less than adequate as a mother and I certainly don't think that's what the day is designed for.

As a child, I feel like its nice to recognize my mom and mother in law on this day but also in my heart I know that it should be an act of love throughout the year. Why should we save the celebration of being a mother to one specific day?

I am sending out Mother's Day cards, aren't they adorable?! They print off beautifully. And because sending flowers is so expensive and last just a week for the recipient, I am sending flower seeds, that will bloom all summer and as they do, I hope those I'm will think of me each time they walk by.

5 Ways to Show Your Mom (Women in Your Life) Appreciation THROUGHOUT the Year

1. Send cards. Everyone loves happy mail.
2. Create a photo album of your favorite memories together and give anytime of year.
3. Call. Who doesn't love to hear their loved ones voices?! And when your on the phone mention how your glad she's your mom.
4. Action speaks louder than words at times. Make the time to spend time together.
5. Buy a gift that specifically makes you think of her. Write a note that explains why.
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