8 Ways to Use Baskets to Simplify Your Life

I'm a lover of baskets in our house! I use them everywhere to organize our life and home. I feel like its an eye appealing way to contain things that might be an eyesore if they we're spread all over. 

8 Useful Ways to Use Baskets

1. In the Kitchen: Use on the counter top to contain bottles, fresh herbs and salt and pepper.
2. Tins: A tall basket is a great tool in keeping cookie sheets and muffin tins in place.
3. In the bathroom: We use baskets for toilet paper, fingernail polish, the kids socks, towels and even band aids.
4. Entry Way: We use baskets to store gloves, hats and shoes as we walk in.
5. Organized work space: Baskets come in SO handy in craft areas.
6. Our Car: We use baskets to hold necessities like tools, extra blanket etc. And also use one for our trash bin in the car.
7. Books: I have lots of baskets spread all over our home for books.
8. Mail: Baskets are perfect for mail. It keeps it in one place and again cuts the mess and keeps you more organized. 
What are your favorite ways to use baskets? 

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