Helping Others

 I want you to think back to a time when you or your family has been in need. 

We have all had that helpless moment at some point in our lives.

During the month of June our focus is going to be on HELPING OTHERS. 

This is a project that can impact everyone in your family, young and old.

The blessing to be able to help those around us who are struggling with things like a meal to eat, food for their tables, their health, their finances, shoes for their feet are just a few examples why we are #HelpingOthers to have a better future.

Are you open to Helping Others? 

If so there are a few ways you can participate:
1. Come back here on June 1st for all of the details and daily challenges. 

2. Follow the challenge on Facebook to get instant updates, encouragement and share your own success in helping others. 

3. Learn more about Our Team and our mission to help others, you might be a perfect fit!

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