Helping Others by donating a Bra

We live in a society with so much stuff! Stuff that sits on shelves or in drawers. Stuff that collects dust and gets shuffled from one place to the next. 

What if instead of letting our things take up more room, we turned it into ways to help others?!

Our Mission for the next 30 days is to challenge each of you to use what you have to benefit those around you with our #HelpingOthers challenges. 

So glad your here to join us!
Its reported that the average woman in the U.S. has 16 bras and adds 4 purchases each year to her stash. Often those unused/outdated bras get tossed in the trash.
Today I challenge you to donate your bras to a cause that will help Girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking. The organization is called Free The Girls, you can learn more about them by visiting
They truly have an incredible mission!
To donate its very simple, go to their site, download the printing label to ship bras directly to the organization. You can also search for those in your area who are hosting a drop off location. Our MOPS group did this a few years ago and it was a huge success. 

If your looking to stay up to date with our challenge you can:
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