4 things to consider BEFORE your harvest

As I start my morning, with my bible in one hand and rich, warm coffee in the other and the cutest doodle beside me I'm reminded how blessed I truly  am.

The verse Proverbs 24:27 rests on my mind.
Finish your outdoor work and get your fields ready; after that, build your house.

For me, when I read this I think of the process of a farmer. The farmer spends month of preparation getting the fields ready before planting the seed he has selected. Then he prays over the field. For moisture, sunlight, that the crop will stay insect free and hail will stay away. There are months that pass before the farmer sees a harvest.

In turn we can see our own lives very similar. As mothers we can relate having  a baby to this. 9 months of carrying that precious gift, praying over the person you will soon meet, taking your prenatals, drinking extra water, dr. visits and room preparation before the trip to the hospital where you may spend hours in labor before you hold that gift in your arms.

Think of your life, goals, even business. At times we get so impatient and expect instant gratification instead of remembering that it takes months, sometimes years before you can reap your full harvest.

4 things to know about your harvest

  • Know where your going to plant your 'field'.
  • Know what kind of  fruits you want to harvest. 
  • Know there will be obstacles. Think of the drought,  insects, hail that might come to the farmers field. Yet he pushes forth and begins planning for the next year even before this year's harvest.
  • Know you will need help along the way. Ultimately this is your plan and the success of your harvest lays upon you and your determination.
To your successful harvest!


Kathy said...

Amen Sabrina. Beautiful and well thought out.

Sabrina said...

Thank you Kathy! Have a blessed week!


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