Momma's Payment Log

According to the average household has $135,924 in debt! They also report that the average U.S. household owes $16000 in credit card debt. 

Debt can be a debilitating thing. Our family was in a similar place several years ago and we've worked hard to become debt free. 

One step in gaining that freedom is knowing what we owe, being organized with payments and living within a budget. 
Using a simple log like the one above helps to gain some control over your payments helping you to visualize where you need to be financially. 
Right click on the above image, save to your computer and print out for personal use.
For all of the Momma's out there struggling to keep afloat and manage your families finances, I want to give you hope. You wont always be in this position. Work hard at paying off that debt and living in Financial Wellness! 

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