Customer Follow Ups

With any business or organization you deal with people. People in general want to feel appreciated, to be thanked and to have their decisions solidified. Large corporations pay hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to have a customer service department to ensure that customers needs are met. If you own your own business, no matter what the field might be, its important at getting good at following up. Each Friday I dedicate time in my schedule to do something I call #FollowUpFriday. 

Follow Up Friday Printable
Right click on the above image, save to your computer and print off for use.

I have a printed out sheet that I use that helps me to track my follow ups so I can stay organized to know who I need to follow up with from one week to the next.  For me personally I include my customers name, contact information and date that they first tried our brand. 

I use the list of months to the right to put codes so I know what I did during that month with that customer. Examples are WC: Welcome Card, TYC: Thank You Card, AMG: Anniversary Month Gift, T: text etc. 

Have a great weekend everyone and remember the fortune is in the follow up!

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