10 Things I Wish I Would Have Known About Being a SAHM

I feel that I have the best job in the world as a Stay At Home Mom but it does come with it's ups and downs at times. It's amazing how I learn something everyday about my "Career" of choice that I didn't know the previous day.

Here are 10 things I wish I would have known before I had kids

1. Hold the Baby... It's really amazing how in the moment you feel bonkers and think of all of the other things that need to be done. But looking back on my kids little lives, I don't remember those "things" that needed to be tended to, but I do remember holding my babies.

2. Laundry will NEVER be done! True story. But as I'm doing Laundry I often look at this little sign I have hung over my washer....

3. There might be day's where you don't get dressed.

4. The Dog will become one of your best friends and a great listener.

5. Early morning baking in p.j.s will make for some of the best memories!

6. There will be day's when you feel unappreciated, yet, on that same day as your kissing your kids goodnight, you'll feel the most love you have ever felt.

7. At times getting to take a walk will feel like a real "outing".

8. Getting out the bubbles on a regular basis is a MUST!
9. EVERYONE has to work, be grateful you get to do it from home!

10. Last but not least... Remember to put on your high heels, turn the radio up and dance on the coffee table with the kids! Brings smiles to everyone's faces.

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