Hey Mom, What You Need to Know about Working from Home: Week 2

 Welcome Back! I'm glad you've made the commitment to become knowledgeable in Working from Home! Last week we talked about How to Earn an income from home. This week we're going to dive into one of the most important tasks in working from home, Scheduling!

 With an type of business you MUST Schedule! I recommend using a day planner with hour's carved out for each day or an online tool similar to the Google calendar.

What to Schedule?
 1. Highlight family Events (Kids activities, school plays, Dr Appointments, etc.)
2. Your Business Hours - These are the time's when you plan to do income generating activities.
3. Personal Growth - Times when you'll educate yourself and have personal development.

My Calendar is such an instrumental part of my day to day and help me to Leverage my Time. I write all over it as you can see and I can't imagine how unorganized my business would be without it.

How do you use your calendar? I love comments, share your tips with me below.

What You Need to Know About Working From Home
Week 1: How to Earn (Click HERE)
Week 2: Schedule

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