5 Ways to Leverage Your Time

As a mom of 4 I often find that I have a really hard time leveraging my time. Throw my home business, laundry, errands and everyday "to-do's" in there and you could say it's un-leveraged!

lev-er-age : To use something to maximum advantage.

5 Ways to Take Maximum Advantage of Your Time

1. Know what you Want and what You Value most - When you have a firm understanding and belief as to what you want both short term as well as long term it will help you to focus your energy in the right direction. Create a dream board to help you have a visual of your Why.

2. Lists - Create list's to help you get your ideas out of your head. Having your tasks on paper helps you to focus on what needs to be done. I create lists for my daily to-do's as well as long term lists.

3. Organize Your day - We all know this doesn't always work out perfectly, especially with kids. But I
put my calender to work daily! This enables me to know what and and what time I'll be doing each activity.

4. Be a Deligator - This one can be difficult as we often feel that the task can be done quicker or better if we just do it ourselves. If you do take advantage of delegating jobs you'll find a new found peace that you DON'T have to do everything. It will also help your team mates, kids, spouse feel a sense of accomplishment and need.

5. Grow - I'm a firm believer in educating yourself and becoming a successful women in your business. The more you know and grow as a leader in your industry or even as a stay at home, the better you become. 

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