DIY Earrings and Snowman Printable

If your searching for a fun DIY gift that your kids can help with that someone will actually use give these a try! 

All 4 of my kids helped with this project and I love the way it turned out! 
 Supply list: 
Diamond Glaze (found at hobby stores or amazon or etsy)
Glitter of choice (we used the fine glitter)
Earring Studs (We found ours HERE). 

 We poked our earring studs into a box to keep them upright while we created.
 Start with a small amount of glitter...
 And a few drops at a time of the diamond glaze. You'll want to continually mix the two ingredients until the stud is filled and there appears to be a smooth consistency on the top of the earring.
 I recommend letting them dry overnight. They should be smooth to the touch once fully dried. 
I created this cute printable for gift giving... 
Right click on the above image, save it to your computer and print off on card stock. Then cut into 9 pieces and then in place of where the buttons would be place the earrings. 

Wishing you a warm weekend! Its supposed to be -7 here tomorrow... brrrrrr!

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