Firmer Breasts

I saw this on the Ellen Show yesterday and it cracks me up! They claim by mixing Egg whites, Vitamin E, Plain Yogurt and Honey into a paste and then massaging it onto your pectoral muscles then letting it set for 20 min. You'll have firmer breasts. Too funny!


Anonymous said...

Wow this just made me literally laugh out loud. Oh my!

Coy said...

Wow! I just laughed out loud Sabrina! I totally needed a laugh!
maybe I should forget push-ups and just put a paste on my chest?! Lol! Where is the remedy rub for the post pregnancy "stomach flubber/fat flapper"? LOL!

Unknown said...

And here's me thinking it was going to be a chicken recipe. ;)

Carolee Hollenback said...

I'm thinking at my age, I may just try it :-)


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