I recently read that kids are more likely to eat things if they are able to help prepare them. So we made Fruit-Ka-Bobs for a snack. We used watermelon, strawberries and grapes but I'm sure you can use any combination of fruit.

Not only was it getting them involved they thought of it as a fun activity too. My oldest daughter even realized that she was able to make different patterns.
My little Lily liked the grapes the most. I think she ate more than we're put on the Ka-Bob.

The end result! :)

The truth is we don't all eat this way everyday and we're not getting proper supplementation.
Studies show that fewer and fewer of us are eating the ideal amounts of fruits and vegetables every day.
But even when we make an effort to eat healthier, we can still come up short.
Modern farming practices combined with new varieties of crops and even changes in the soil add up to one thing—fruits and vegetables aren’t as healthy as they once were.
I love this article sharing some idea's about Supplements and Creating a Healthier way of life.

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Southern Reflexions said...

Mmmmm....My little girl would LOVE these!!! :-D


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