What is a Godparent?

A Godparent is to be a practicing Christian who will assist the parents in bringing up the child in faith!

Wow!! What a HUGE honor and responsibility. My husband and I we're recently asked to be Godparents. I was so touched. I mean out of lots of loving friends and family members they thought enough of us to ask. After our conversation I got to thinking to myself, "what does a Godparent do?" and "How can a fulfill my duties as a Godparent?"

  • Be a good, respectable, and loving figure in the child's life.
  • Pray for your Godchild regularly.
  • Set an example of Christian living.
  • Help your Godchild grow in his faith as a Christian.
  • Give encouragement, love and be in the Godchild's life.

Those are things I CAN do after I thought about it! We now can say that we have three little girls of our own and that God has alowed us to be Godparents to a Son.

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