Top 5 Things working from Home has done for me:

I've been working from home for the past three and half years. I thought it would be fun to see how our Family has been blessed through the last few years.

#1: I'm home with my Family everyday! That in itself is such peace of mind and is truly the reason I wanted to work from home. #2: I have $$ in my wallet at all times now, WOOHOO!
#3: My Car. It's a Mommy car for sure but it gets 33 miles to the gallon, Our family rides comfortably, it's Reliable, and it's Ours.
#4: My new couch. To some this might seem strange but we recently bought our new couch, may I say with cash. It replaced our warn out couch that had been torn up, thrown up on, peed on, colored on, spilt on and all of the other fun Kid things.
#5: Our Credit Card debt is gone. At one point in our lives this was such a struggle and it's such a blessing to know that we don't have that overwhelming feeling anymore.


MommyToTwoBoys said...

I love this list Sabrina! Working from home is such a blessing. And your family picture is just adorable!

Sabrina said...

Thanks Jean!! I so agree.

Southern Reflexions said...

That's great!! We are debt free as well, and it is wonderful to be able to buy things freely as a result!! :o)

Unknown said...

I am so very proud of you Sabrina. You deserve all those things and more. I love the family pic as well:)

Anonymous said...

Great list and I love the photos along with it!

Anonymous said...

I so look forward to the day where I can too show a list like yours!!!


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