It's hard to believe that I'm a mom of three little girls. And with that gift that God has given me I want to raise our children up in His honor and teach them as best as we can.

With that being said we have a decision at hand. There has been a new law passed in the State of Nebraska that states - through the public school district, that the tax payers do not want to pay for any child who has turned 5 before October 15th to be in Pre-School.

Our oldest daughter is in Pre-School this year. She turned 5 this past summer and because she has been enrolled in her Pre-School program before this was brought to the parents attention she get's to remain there (with a few tweeks from our school district).

On the other hand our middle child will turn 4 this spring. So with the states new laws we will need to send her to Pre-School in the fall of 2011 and then she will go to Kindergarten in the fall of 2012. This may not seem like a Huge issue, but for me I'm struggling. I feel very blessed by the fact that the school chaters to the Pre-Schoolers with transportation to and from school, amazing teachers, great food and a safe environment. On the other hand I would feel much more comfortable if my child we're a year older when she graduates high school and ventures off into the world.
This is a piece of "art" that my Lilian made a few days ago. The letters at the bottom are her name :)
My little sweetie coloring some more. I'm sure she will do amazing at school whenever we send her but I want her to have the best experience possible and excel. Has anyone else had a similar issue? What have you decided upon?

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