Edible Valentines Bracelets

Here's a fun craft you can do with your little ones for
Valentines Day (or anytime at that).
Edible bracelets. We started with a bowl full of liquorice. I cut it into pieces. Make sure it's the kind that has the hole through the center.
We then used some stretchy string, and fished the liquorice onto it.
Ta-Daa! Easy enough for a 3 year old to do. And she like eating it as well!


Shareena said...

thats pretty good idea!!! yummy too

Sabrina said...

Thanks Shareena! I love anything that has to do with food ;)

Annette Sause said...

Good idea! We used to use those for straws, too. Just bite off the ends and, to a kid, a glass of water was never so yummy!


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