A necklace for a Queen

There are some amazingly talented women out there that make some beautiful jewelry. I Love the personalized charms that are popular. So I decided to try a hand at it myself. Here is a fun project that you can do at home with few supplies that will be equal to some that I've seen selling at upwards of $60.00's. Here is the end result of a necklace I made for a friend. Now here's the process:
You'll want to go to Hobby Lobby or local craft store and look in the jewelry section. You can buy these charms that come with two pieces of pre-cut glass and metal edging.
You'll then need to find a few of your favorite pictures! I printed them off of my computer in the smallest setting that I could find. I put my piece of pre-cut glass on top of my picture and traced around the edges to have the exact fit. Then cut it out right inside of the traced edges.
You'll find that the metal edging has a small tab on the side. By lifting this tab you will be able to open the edging.
Once the edging is open you'll insert your photo's. You can do a front and backside with different photos if you like.

Here is the end result! Super cute. You can choose to put your charm on any necklace you have or make one with some beads (as shown in top photo). This is a fun way to "show case" your kiddos!

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