Re-Purposed Valentine's Decor

Valentine's Day is a little over 15 day's away! 
I decided to do a little re-purposing today... I had this cute heart that I bought at a craft fair several years ago. It's a bit faded from hanging on the front door and one of the pieces had fallen off.
 I paint the heart pink...
I then used  my silhouette and created a little word art.

 I then cut out my words and put my contact paper on top. With this step it's really important that you rub and rub over the top of your letters to make the process of peeling them off of the backing easier.
 I then placed them on my heart where I wanted them (I used a level and ruler to make sure they we're sitting correctly). Then rub and rub some more. Once you have rubbed to your hearts content you can peel the contact paper off.
 I also added a little ribbon just for a little flair.
 Have a great day!
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Miss Contentment / Kimberley said...

very creative, you are way ahead of me. We need to get started on valentines day stuff. Thanks for sharing.


Sabrina said...

Thanks Kimberley! It's fun to decorate, my girls get so excited about it. Now to figure out Valentine's for their classes!!!


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