4 Tips for Less Mess

 Pictures like this totally motivate me to clean my house! 
With kids there are bound to be piles, spills, trash, toys, snacks and everything else ON THE FLOOR. Here are 4 super easy tips that will help keep things less of a mess that have worked in our home.

4 Tips for Less Mess

#1: Take out the trash and take it out often! 
Taking out the trash helps eliminate weird smells and helps keep a tidy appearance.
#2: Don't Eat in the Living Room!
This is a pet peeve of mine. Less vacuuming is required when there are less crumbs on the furniture and living room floor.
 #3: Hang it up.
We have hooks by our front and back door. This helps keep bags, hats and coats up and out of the way.
 #4: Hide it.
Cute baskets or bins are a great way to hide the clutter. We use these for toys, blankets, games and anything else that would be better unseen.
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Unknown said...

Great tips. So simple, yet effective! Hang it up & no eating in the living room make a world of difference!! My rule is food ONLY in the kitchen.

Stopping by from Wine'd Down Wednesday. :)

Sabrina said...

I totally agree with you Emily! Makes a huge difference making these little efforts.

Have a blessed Wednesday!


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