5 Tips on Microblogging

You might be asking what is Microblogging? Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr are all examples of microblogging. Microblogging is where you share events from your day, links, photos or tips with a short sentence. It differs from traditional blogging in the sense that your quickly sharing information to your audience.

Here are 5 tips on Microblogging:

  • Update several times daily. By posting often you'll be building a following.

  • When sharing information share 1/3 personal experiences, 1/3 informative, and 1/3 Business related.

  • Link your Microblogs together to save time.

  • Microblogging is about communicating. So ask questions and get your readers involved. Once your reader replies to a post be sure to respond back.

  • Be authentic and keep the hype out of your posts. Readers want to see real experiences.

Microblogging is becoming such a tool for business builders of all walks of life. From large corporations to small home based businesses. So stake your claim and become known!


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Anonymous said...

Great advice; I'm big on microblogging - Twitter/Facebook and of course my blog.

Found you via Tuesday blog hop. I'm following your blog and Twitter.

CJ xx

Sabrina said...

Thanks Crystal! It's so much fun! I would love to follow you on twitter and facebook too. I'll look you up :)

Lisa C. said...

Very true.. Only I've found many people get on twitter and fb.. follow 1million folks and never interact.. bwahahaha Or maybe I'm just BORING!!! lol.. anyhow.. following you back from the hop.. headed over to FB and twitter too.. Great blog.. I look forward to reading more.. (=

Sabrina said...

Thanks! :) Yes I know what you mean about the interaction. As a sahmommy of 3 I love the adult interaction. Thanks for following!!

HBrummett said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love the 1/3 idea! Thanks for the tips! Have a fab week!


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