Hey Mom, What You Need to Know About Working From Home

Have you ever thought about Working from Home? I think everyone has at some point in their lives. I started working from home in 2007. It's been such an incredible journey and has allowed me to put my kids schedule above mine yet still contribute to our finances.
When I started this crazy journey of working from home I had no idea what I was doing. Keep plugged in through the next 10 weeks to gain some insight in what can help you be successful in Working from Home, no matter what type of business you have.

 Week 1: How to Earn

Before we put the horse before the cart you need to decide How to Earn an income from home. Here are 10 ways to Earn an Income from Home.

10. Etsy Shop
9. Babysitting/Daycare provider
8. Become a Customer Service Agent
7. Become a Virtual Concierge
6. Blog
5. Tutor 
4. Gardener/Lawn Care
3. Baker 
2. Party Planning Business
1. Consumer Direct Marketing

Obviously you need to be talented in your area of expertise for each of these options. Some businesses require special tools. For example, to be a gardener you would need a lawn mower or pair of clippers. No matter what kind of business your looking at you will always have a start up fee of some sort. I chose to go into the Consumer Direct Marketing industry because it fit all of my personal needs.

As your looking at these options ask yourself these three questions:
      1. Do I feel passionate about it?
      2. Am I educated in this area?
      3. Do I like who I will be working with?

Once you have decided what area you want to direct yourself in it will help you to move forward in the right direction, create a business plan, and start to put action into place.

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Jules Thoughts said...

OK I love, love, love the picture of the four kids! I need a copy! So cute!

Sabrina said...

Thank you :) That's part of this years Mother's Day gift to our moms. Hopefully they didn't see this blog post.


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