Simple Farmers Market Stencil

 I recently shared a coffee table that I made new again. Part of that creation was this fun stenciled top that I added to it. 
I wanted something unique that would fit in with our farming/ranching community. 

My first step was to pain the piece with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for a clean fresh canvas. 

I was done in 5 steps:

Step 1: Create a Stencil. I cut my design out on card stock.
Step 2: Trace it out in Pencil.  I traced in pencil to avoid mistakes.
 Step 3: Trace over the pencil lettering with a sharpie. This helped to avoid any ragged edges as well as bleeding from the pencil as I was painting.
 Step 4: Paint. I painted my design with black chalk paint.
 Step 5: Sand. I wanted my table top to look like it truly came from a Farmers Market with an old feel but new paint.
 Once I was done I finished the project by using Annie Sloan wax and then going over it with dark wax.
 After both sets of wax we're cured I sanded the top with a low grit paper to truly make the piece unique with lots of imperfections to show the grain of the paint that I had added when painting the piece.

 Thanks for stopping by! Make it a great week.
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