The Power of a 3 Ring Binder

It's one of those things that can be so under used. The power of Organization. Organizing your life, family, tasks, groups and all things YOU. 
Last year I set out a goal to be more organized because I would lose my keys every time I turned around, my desk was ALWAYS a mess and I needed to have some mental peace. 
I've taken it a step further this year, organizing all of my papers! 

This is step 1 in organizing all of your paper non sense.... 3 RING BINDERS!!!
 You can pick up 3 Ring Binders literally anywhere. Make sure you grab the ones with the plastic clear front covers. You'll want them for sure and here's why... Labeling!
I purchased several new binders to help organize each category of my life. I then did a Pinterest search for some printable binder covers. I found these super cute chevron one's HERE.   

 When you download the binder covers that you want they will be blank. You can edit them on with the labels that fit your needs best. 

Here are my Examples:

 Print those babies off and put them on your binders. 
4 Way's to Use 3 Ring Binders:
  1.  Keep them in one location together that is designated for your binders. This helps to avoid the endless hours of searching for the materials you need.
  2. Be specific on what information you'll have in each binder.
  3. Use tabs inside the binder for all of the information you have included.
  4. When working on a project keep it with your binder. This allows for quick clean up if you need to move away from that item of business and helps you know where you we're when you come back to it.

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