{PLANNING} for our 2nd Bathroom

Happy Friday! 
It's always fun to get to the end of a work week. As we are looking to this weekend I have something in particular on my mind. Our 2nd Bathroom!!!!!! 

We've lived in our home for 6 years and slowly we have been recreating the upstairs and finishing the basement. 

During the past 12 years we have added 4 kids to the mix of our lives and it's come to the point that a second bathroom is on our "MUST DO" list. Our 3 girls are getting bigger and are to the point of monopolizing our one bathroom on the main floor. 

The fun part for me is I can start planning and deciding what I want that bathroom to look like. I have a very specific idea in mind of what I want the finished product to look like. But a few unknowns are still there. 

Bathroom Floor:
It is a basement after all. So there are concrete floors. I'm leaning towards staining the floors. I'm not in love with this color though. Thoughts?!
 I also love the look of this ceramic wood tile. I think it would be beautiful on the floor.
I'm feeling very confident in the area of a double vanity. Our girls are 10, 8 and 6 and I know that the extra counter space would be welcomed as they get older. We do have the square footage to do this too so that makes it more obtainable. 
 I love the raised sinks! But I am more in love with the old dresser turned into vanity (Now to find one that fits my ideas).
These lights are just the best! Rustic, but are they TOO rustic?!

This subway tile is so yummy! I love the timeless appeal of it with the dark grout.  
(I know for sure I want a stand up shower downstairs).

 But on the other hand a shower insert like this is clean, less upkeep but not sure if it's the ideal look I want.
This bead board ceiling and beautiful trim is exactly what I'm thinking. It has the charm of an old home and a cozy feel. 
 The fun part of this weekend is we're starting the framing process. Far from finished but the wheels are spinning. Have a great weekend my friends!
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