Top 5 Blog Posts from the Past Year

Love Never Fails: 303 Visits

As I've been making a plan and setting goals for 2016 and what I would like to Blog about, I took some time
to look back on what I shared through this last year. It's fun to look back and see what was happening in our life a year ago. 

I found 5 Blog Posts that had a great amount of visits. These 5 we're my most visited, liked etc. Thank you all for showing the love, commenting and sharing. My blog is such a fun journey and I hope that it brings tips, inspiration and joy. Here's to lots of fun posts in the year to come!

5 Reasons to Prepare Supper in the Morning: 118 Visits

4 Tips for less mess: 100 Visits

O My, Walt: 98 Visits

How Many Hours Do I work: 87 Visits

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